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Ärzte am Kaiserkai

March holidays from 2. – 6.3.2020

The representation assume the following practices:
• Practice Schlaich Shanghaiallee 15 – 17, 20457 Hamburg, Phone 040/338868 (2. and 3.3.2020)

• Practice Flotho Admiralitätsstrasse 3 – 4, 20459 Hamburg, Phone 040/3767156 (2. to 6.3.2020)

New guideline for generel checks
(“Check up 35”)

From 01.04.2019 there are new age limits for the generel check up.

From the age of 18 until the age of 35, you have a one-time possibility for the generel health check-up.
From the age of 36 upwards this possibility exists now every three, instead of every two years.

Arrange an appointment in our practice and bring your vaccination certificate to the appointment.

Note about sending e-mails

Dear patients,
due to the new data protection guidelines, we are no longer allowed to send patient data (such as laboratory findings) by e-mail. We also stop sending our newsletter (holiday announcement) from now on. You can take the data at any time from our homepage and the notices in practice.

Your practice team
Ärzte am Kaiserkai

Ärzte am Kaiserkai