Range of medical services

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ECG/pulmonary function
• Resting ECG

• Stress ECG
• Long-term ECG
• Long-term blood pressure measurement
• Pulmonary function testing 

Ultrasound imaging (including Colour Dopppler)
• Abdomen (abdominal sonography)

• Thyroid (thyroid sonography)
• Heart (echocardiography)
• Cervical arteries (duplex sonography)

Health checkups
• Health insurance plan checkups

• Thyroid heck
• Cardiovascular check
• Arteriosclerosis risk check
• Body impedance analysis (BIA) measurement
• Vitamin and mineral analyses

The health checkups are individual health care services not listed in the catalogue of medical services of the statutory health services unless they are medically indicated or belong to the health insurance plan checkups performed every two years.

Disease Management Programme