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Ärzte am Kaiserkai

Responsible for content:
Christoph Richter, consultant for internal medicine and nutritional medicine

Ursula Charlotte Stucke, consultant for internal medicine and psychotherapy
Niels Schulz-Ruhtenberg, consultant for general medicine, nutritional medicine and sports medicine
Am Kaiserkai 46, 20457 Hamburg, Germany

Telephone: 040/64 66 17 60
Fax: 040/64 66 17 62

Professional title:
The professional title “Doctor” was acquired in Germany.

Professional regulations:
Code of medical ethics of the Medical Council of Hamburg
Hamburg chamber law for the health care professions

Responsible supervisory authority:
Hamburg Panel Doctors’ Association
Humboldtstraße 56, 22083 Hamburg, Germany

Telephone: 040/22 80-20
Fax: 040/22 80-2420

Responsible chamber:
(Ärztekammer Hamburg) Medical Council of Hamburg
Weidestraße 122b, 22083 Hamburg, Germany
Telephone: +49 40 2022990
Fax: +49 40 202299400

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