Vitamin consulting

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Whoever wants to be healthy, has to achieve high performance, feels stressed, or regularly engages in sport should have an optimum selection of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The body cannot produce these vital nutrients by itself. We must supply these daily via healthy nutrition. Do I have healthy eating habits? Is my nourishment situation with these important vital substances sufficient?

We can determine your individual nourishment status by a vital substance blood analysis (vitamin check) and, based on this analysis, offer you a nutrition plan tailored to your individual needs. The vitamin analysis is useful in connection with many diseases, susceptibility to infection, decline in performance, during a weight reduction diet, and for athletes.

Here we utilize whole blood analysis for the exact determination of trace elements, such as selenium and zinc, and certain minerals which occur primarily intracellularly. This whole blood analysis is performed only by a few specialized laboratories. The results of these micronutrient analyses frequently indicate a deficiency of vital vitamins and nutrients, even with apparently healthy eating habits. 

The statutory health services still do not support this modern diagnostic procedure. The patient must pay the vitamin check, which costs between 100 and 250 Euros, depending on the scope. The standard vitamin check costs around 160 Euros.

If you are interested, arrange an appointment and present in the practice on an empty stomach for a blood sample. Athletes should present after a day’s break from training and discontinue any nutritional supplements three days before the blood sample is taken. Doctor Schulz-Ruhtenberg will discuss the laboratory results with you 2 – 3 weeks later and propose an individual nutrition plan with recommendations for optimising nutritional intake and, as appropriate, vital substance substitution.