Thoroughness, dependability, mutual respect, truthfulness, and striving for improvement are the basis for our medical activity. In dialogue together with you, we aim to prevent, avoid, recognise and treat disease.

We actively practise quality management and were recertified in 2020.


Appointment booking
Please book an appointment, so that we have time for you. In the case of acute illness, you can book extra reserved appointments on short notice, also online. For laboratory investigations, please come with an empty stomach unless otherwise agreed. For a planned vaccination, please bring your vaccination record.

Please feel free to order prescriptions and referrals online and collect them the following day in the practice. We can also fax prescriptions to your pharmacy.

And finally: If you are unable to tolerate medicine which we have prescribed, please let us know without delay!

Appointments for new patients with Niels Schulz-Ruhtenberg can be made only with this online calendar:

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