News about the corona vaccination

If you would like a first, second or booster vaccination, please send us an email so that we can make an appointment.

From September 13th we have omicron vaccine (BA.1, BA.4, BA.5 ) available. STIKO recommends the second booster – i.e. the fourth vaccination – to all over 60-year-olds, medical staff and all people with an increased risk of a severe course of Covid-19. These include people with immunodeficiency, chronic respiratory diseases, heart, liver and kidney diseases, neurological diseases and metabolic diseases such as diabetes mellitus. The omicron vaccination can be given at the same time as the flu vaccination.

If a second booster would be indicated for you, but you fell ill with Covid-19 in spring or summer, then wait with the booster until six months after the illness. In special cases, we can already boost you after 4 months.

In the case of people who are particularly at risk (e.g. very old people, people with an immune deficiency), it may make sense to administer a further (i.e. a 5th) vaccination dose after the 4th event (e.g. 2nd booster vaccination). The 6-month interval to the last vaccination or infection also applies here. The indication should be made with medical advice, taking into account the state of health and the individual risk of illness.


For your safety and ours, please continue to wear an FFP-2 mask in our practice rooms.

News about Biontec/Pfizer – Moderna:
Vaccination consent

New guidelines for health examinations (“Checkup 35“)

Since 1 April 2019 there are new age limits for the health examination. From the completion of the 18th year of life to the end of the 35th year of life, as a statutory-insured person you are entitled to undergo the health examination once. From the 36th year of life, this is possible every three years instead of every two years, as was the case until now. Feel free to arrange an appointment in our practice and bring your vaccination record to the appointment.