News about the corona vaccination

After Easter we will receive the first few doses of Comirnaty vaccine from BionNTech / Pfizer and will be able to vaccinate them. We will contact those entitled to vaccinate directly. When allocating, we are bound by the prioritization of the vaccination ordinance. The guidelines and all current information. You can find out everything about vaccination on the website of the social authority:

Here you can study the information sheet and print out the declaration of consent and ideally sign it and bring it with you to the vaccination appointment. We will of course be happy to answer any open questions at the vaccination appointment. And please bring your vaccination certificate with you for the documentation.

Probably from week 15 onwards we will receive more vaccine and we will be able to plan more precisely. Then you will also be able to arrange a vaccination appointment online.

Infos on the corona virus !!!

We have taken all protective measures for you in our practice. 
We have a high-performance ventilation system and also open the windows regularly in all rooms. We ensure social distancing and request that you wear a protective face mask (ideally an FFP 2 mask) and arrive punctually for your appointment.

Successful recertification of quality management (QM) on
15 July 2020

Our sincere thanks to our colleagues Frau Arensmeier, Frau Betz, Frau Wagemann and Frau Talbi.

New guidelines for health examinations (“Checkup 35“)

Since 1 April 2019 there are new age limits for the health examination. From the completion of the 18th year of life to the end of the 35th year of life, as a statutory-insured person you are entitled to undergo the health examination once. From the 36th year of life, this is possible every three years instead of every two years, as was the case until now. Feel free to arrange an appointment in our practice and bring your vaccination record to the appointment.