Organization update

Please send us attachments via email only in PDF format. E-mails with other formats will be deleted immediately for security reasons and will not be processed further.

Ordered prescriptions can always be picked up during the next but one consultation hour. They can now also be sent digitally. If you are interested, ask the pharmacy of your choice whether the KIM service has been activated.

We can now also store your medical data on your insurance card for you. Contact your health insurance company and ask about the respective modalities for your ePa (electronic patient file) and speak to us the next time you visit the practice.

News about Biontec/Pfizer – Moderna:
Vaccination consent

New guidelines for health examinations (“Checkup 35“)

Since 1 April 2019 there are new age limits for the health examination. From the completion of the 18th year of life to the end of the 35th year of life, as a statutory-insured person you are entitled to undergo the health examination once. From the 36th year of life, this is possible every three years instead of every two years, as was the case until now. Feel free to arrange an appointment in our practice and bring your vaccination record to the appointment.