Niels Schulz-Ruhtenberg

Niels Schulz-Ruhtenberg,
consultant for general medicine, nutritional medicine and sports medicine
• 1999 Medical licence in Hamburg
• 1999 nutritional medicine
• 1999 – 2004 Specialist medical training at the Rissen Hospital, Michaelis Hospital Hamburg and different general practices in Hamburg
• 2004 Conferral of the specialist title “Consultant for Internal Medicine”
• 2004 – 2009 Registered panel doctor in group general practice in Hamburg-Eppendorf
• October 2009 Registered panel doctor in the practice “Ärzte Am Kaiserkai”
• Since 2004 medical director for nutritional courses and lectures on the subject of nutrition, exercise and stress management
• 2010 Additional title sports medicine

•  German Society for Internal Medicine (DGIM)

•  German Society for Sports Medicine and Prevention (DGSP)
•  German Society for Men’s Health (DGMG)
•  German Society for Complementary Medicine
•  International Society of Applied Preventive Medicine
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