Ärzte am Kaiserkai

Arranging appointments
Please arrange an appointment for your visit in order that we have time for you. In case of acute complaints you can present for consultation without an appointment – as early as possible in the morning.

Laboratory/ECG examinations
For laboratory and ECG examinations you can present weekdays on an empty stomach without an appointment between 8 am and 11 am.

Please order your long-term medication beforehand, as we cannot sign prescriptions during the surgery hours. Give us a stamped, self-addressed envelope, and we shall be pleased to send you the prescription. You can also order prescriptions and patient referrals online and fetch them a day later in the practice.

Home visits
We make home visits when urgently required and medically indicated. Our medical consultants are your competent first contacts. They perform examinations and manage the entire surgery routine.

Should your telephone number or your address change, please inforem us without delay.

Last but not least: If you do not tolerate medicine which we prescribe, please let us know immediately.